Sophie Gamand’s photography explores the complex dynamics of the relationship between dogs and humans. Her work includes artistic series (such as Dog Vogue and Wet Dog, which have both been internationally recognized) and a long-term essay entitled “The Engineered Companion“.

Despite a slow economy, in 2012, American animal lovers spent upwards of $53 billion on food, veterinary care, kennels and other pet services. The booming of the Pet industry raises questions about us, humans, and our social interactions. In big cities like New York, dogs are social anchors and sometimes replace spouses, children, friends. They have become the center of the home, around which everything revolves. Has this special treatment influenced the way dogs behave and interact with humans? In other parts of the world, dogs are still considered wild animals. but can they still survive on their own? Has our codependent relationship to dogs change their deep nature?

To discover more of Sophie’s fun dog world and her charitable work, visit: www.StrikingPaws.com.